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GPG Group
Accelerate Business Growth
To Improve Revenue Numbers

Improve The Performance

GPG provides professional and full-service management awareness.

Great Strategic Business Planning

GPG works with their business to business and development concepts by other companies which including environmental analysis, program execution and evaluation.

Online Marketing Activitiy

GPG has a professional team to help you plan a great online marketing project.

Corporate Business Service

GPG has the most innovative and customizable business services, and our services demonstrate flexibility for all budgets.

Development Planning

After completing the environmental analysis, the next stage is to design and plan your development strategy.

Execution & Evaluation

At this stage, you will focus on executing the action plan and evaluating the results after each marketing activity.

Company Overview
The 21st century is an area of diversity
GoodPlusGood is a young company that has been growing up with customers since 2005
GoodPlusGood is a leader in the small home electric appliance, kitchen electric appliance,IT Product and Fashion & Goods in sector.
To create a global brand,GoodPlusGood would like to do constantly changing and innovative product vertical
It is a brand management specialized company based on planning, production distribution and sales

OEM、ODM Workflow Processing

The contract period is one year
After one year, it will be discuss with work costs and whether to extend the contract again

Product Quality Control
Check part receiving from customer 100% full inspection to production
Product inspection agency
Provide product inspection report

From product sourcing to full product inspection and product shipment
Identify responsibilities in case of issues happen with the quality of product and processing follow up

Business Development 100%
Opportunity Spotting 76%
Online Marketing 90%

Product Agency & QC

Product Agency
Trough sourcing agreements, provide the best cost and reasonable pricing
Propose samples and quotation to customers
Provide product sourcing and QC service for customer needs

Quality Control
Check part receiving from customers 100% full inspection to the production
Product inspection agency Provide product inspection report
Cost of quality inspection is the 12% of FOB China


We're Passionate About Delivering Growth Services

Our goal is to provide the right business growth services at the appropriate time so companies can benefit from the created momentum and thrive for a long period of time
We're passionate about delivering the best business growth services for companies just starting out as startups or industry players that have established their market position a long tima ago.

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Major Businesses
A globally integrated company that strives to be a world-class provider of integrated business solutions
Small Home Electrical
Small Home Electrical

It has a wealth of experience in the structural design of small household electrical appliances.

Appliance Sector
Appliance Sector

Focuses on achieving the world’s top-level of development with high quality for creation of its GLOBAL NO. 1 products.

Household Goods
Household Goods

Offer comprehensive solutions in quality assurance for household goods who demand the highest quality products

Kitchen Appliance
Kitchen Appliance

Offers high end kitchen appliances and is the leader in stylish and innovative kitchen appliances

IT Products
IT Products

Provide cost-effective and high value-added IT products, has always been the goal of our efforts

Fashion & Goods
Fashion & Goods

Art collaboration with world-renowned artists brings up a little happiness in everyday life.

Our Products
We look for not only clients but brave men ready to create the best product
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