GPG Cooperation


GPG company is responsible for making the brand launch and brand planning of the oversea famous brands, and trying to develop these brands in China.
Through planning , producing, supplying and selling high quality products, the brands will be established well in China.



Founded in the name of National Apparel in 1971, the company changed its business name to DAEWOO Electronics in 1974. After taking over the home appliance division Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd. in 1983, the company became one of Big Threes in the Korean home appliance market.


Swiss Military


Swiss Military is the global brand owned by Switzerland National Defense. Thanks to the excellence of its products, the brand uses Switzerland national flag as its logo. A variety of products are manufactured under strict quality control and trademark affiliation.

Swiss Military


Performance Advantages.Designed and engineered to realize the ultimate and multipurpose performance.European Sensibility Design.Elegance which remains in any situation.Incomparable Sophistication.Accurate engineering and cutting edge technology its body.



Bestron is a European home appliance brand with the best technology and stylish design. The brand has been recognized as the best brand over the last four decades in terms of product quality, design and service. In Europe, this is the best home appliance brand which has tens of thousands products with low price and high quality.



Urbaney is a combination of urban and journey, an art collaboration brand with artists who have met and traveled to beautiful cities around the world. Through collaborations with renowned artists from overseas or domestic, you can see their works more familiar and popular.